Access Point Not Connecting Due to a Firewall

So you hit a wall...a firewall that is?

If your access point is unable to connect due to a Firewall setting. Here is what you should do:

1.) Do a standard reboot, unplug from the power source and replug in. Immediately you will see the orange LED light. Wait approximately 1-4 minutes for the device to acquire an IP address. If LED continues to be Orange and unable to connect to the internet. A firewall or unique setting with your current internet setup is likely.

It's a good idea to do this standard reboot first prior to calling up your internet service provider to save time in case it was just a simple issue of not obtaining an IP address in your first go around. 

2.) Call up your internet service provider and let them know you are installing a new access point, but while it is connected properly, it is not able to obtain an I.P. address. Most major internet service providers will then be able to identify the access point trying to connect and update the settings to properly allow the access point to receive access. 

The firewall or reason for the internet not allowing to connect could also be an issue of your Routers settings. Unfortunately, there are 1000s of routers with unique settings so will likely require help from the person that set up the router in the first place, as router settings will have a secure username and password that was set up during your initial installation of your internet infrastructure. 


Other suggestions:

  • "Bridge Mode" Settings may need to be updated. Find out more on this here. 

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