Comparison Device

At the far right-hand side of the screen are the words “Single View” with a drop-down icon. By default, the application shows a Single View – data for one or more locations for a single time period.

When clicked, this reveals a set of comparison options that provide for easy comparison between time periods or locations. These options allow users to quickly compare data for a date or date range to a prior period, or to compare one or more locations to one or more other locations, in order to get a sense of whether individual metrics are improving or deteriorating.

            Timelines Comparisons.

Selecting Timelines Comparison will cause the application to look at the date range currently selected in the Date Range device, and then retrieve the immediately preceding date range of similar length. For example, if the date range June 10th – July 10th is in the Date Range device when the switch is toggled, the application will retrieve data for the week of May 10th – June 9th (preceding 30 days). These data are then displayed in the dashboard.



 Each indicator will show a secondary graph showing the previous date range’s data in pink. In addition, a calculation showing the percentage increase or decrease will appear at the bottom of each indicator. Positive changes (such as an increase in traffic or a decrease in churn rate) will appear in green, while negative changes (such as a decrease in repeat rate) will be shown in red.

A behavior of note for this feature is that, after the Timelines Comparison feature is used for the first time during a particular user session, the second period will remain fixed to those dates for the duration of that session. This is true even if the Timelines Comparison feature is toggled off and back on. If the primary date range is changed and a comparison to a different period is needed, the secondary date range must be selected manually.

            Location Comparisons.


When Location Comparison is selected, the dashboard will present a second location selector device. One or more locations may be selected in each of the two selection devices, allowing for quick and easy comparison between one or more locations (base set) and one or more additional locations (comparison set).