Create a Text Message

You now have the capability of text message marketing to your customers!! 

To set up a text message, follow the instructions below:


1.) Log in to your Gazella Dashboard

2.) Select "Triggers"

3.) Select "Create Trigger"

4.) Select "Device Connects"

5.) Choose how often you want this message to be sent.

6.) Select "Send Visitor a Text Message" or "Send Visitor a Picture Message"

7.) Choose where you want this trigger to be sent from.

8.) Click "Add Trigger"

9.) If you choose to send a "Picture Message" then click "Choose File" to add an image.

10.) Enter the desired text for your message (maximum of 153 characters)

11.) Enter a phone number to send a test message to double check your work.

12.) Click "Add Trigger" and now it's finished!!