Create Additional SSL Security with Cloudflare


Link to "How To" Video.


How to make your white label wifi marketing dashboard even more secure. 

While the standard wifi marketing dashboard setup is plenty secure. If you want to take an extra step with an added SSL certificate. Here is how you can do this. 

The Gazella site has a high security "Green Bar" SSL, but when you create your white label wifi marketing account. Your website domain is likely not properly configured with SSL certificate. 

If you see something like this "Not Secure" tab on your white label wifi marketing account. Follow along on how to update with a free Cloudflare account to get your white label wifi marketing web domain set up with an SSL certificate. 

Step 1: Creating an account in Cloudflare

Go to and register for a free account by clicking on 'Sign up' on the top right-hand corner.

You will need a working email id for this.

Step 2: Adding your website to Cloudflare

Once you have registered an account you will be taken to a page that looks like the image below

Enter the address of your website in the text box under 'Add a website' and click on 'Scan DNS records' button. Wait a few minutes for the scan to be completed and then click on the 'continue' button. You will be taken to another page that displays all the hosting details of your website. You do not have to make any changes here. Simply click on the 'continue' button again.

Step 3: Choosing a plan

Now you will be presented with three choices. By default, the paid plan will be chosen. Select the free plan. You do not need to purchase anything from Cloudflare.

Click on next

Step 4: Changing the nameservers

This page will list the new nameservers that you have to add to your website. It has been highlighted in the image here.

Changing the nameservers on your website will vary with the hosting service you use, but is fairly simple to figure out. Once you have changed the nameservers on your website, click on the 'Next' button.

Step 5: Confirming that the nameservers have been activated:

Login to you cloudflare account and it will display whether the nameservers have been activated or not. Sometimes it might take a few minutes. You can keep checking by pressing the 'Recheck nameservers' button.

Step 6: Configuring the DNS

Once you see the status as active, click on the DNS icon at the top.

On the page that opens up, ensure that it looks like the image below. Hover over the cloud icon on the line that says 'sys'. Ensure that it is selected as 'DNS and HTTP proxy' as shown here.

This is how it should look below:

Make sure connect does not have the orange cloud and only


Step 7: Configuring 'Crypto'

Click on the 'crypto' icon at the top.

A menu will be present on the right-hand side and 'Full' will be selected by default. Change that to 'Flexible'.

Step 8: Creating certificate

Scroll down and click on the button that says 'Create Certificate'.

In the pop-up that opens up, click on the text box under 'List the hostname....' and type 'sys.[your website name]'. Click on next

In the next popup, click on 'Ok'

Step 9: Final touches

Ensure that the 'Always use HTTPS' is selected as off

Make sure that 'Opportunistic encryption' is on

And that 'Automatic HTTPS rewrites' is also on
Wait for some time and open your web page and it should be secure now.