Create An E-mail Trigger.

To create an email trigger follow the steps below:


1.) Login to your Gazella Dashboard


2.) Select "Triggers"

3.) Select "Create Trigger"

4.) Select "Device Connects"

5.) Choose how often you want this message to be sent.

6.) Select "Send Visitor a Delayed E-mail"

7.) Choose which location you want this trigger to be sent from.

8.) Click "Add Trigger"

9.) Enter which email address this message is to be sent from.

10.) Choose the amount of time for the delay.

11.) Add a catchy subject line to ensure high open rates for your messages.

12.) We will have a few templates for you to use. Click "Select Template"

This is also where you can be as creative as you want. This space gives you the freedom of designing your own email templates for all the different types of emails you would like to send to clients! :)

14.) Select the desired template


15.) Add a logo or image of your choice. 

16.) Click on the image and then select "Image Attributes"

      (All of the text in these templates is editable)

17.) Add a desired link to the selected image, e.g., your restaurants website or an event page

18.) Repeat step 17 for the rest of the potential links.

19.) Enter an email address to send a sample email. This allows you to double check the content to make sure it looks the way you want it to. Also, please click on all links to make sure they are redirecting to the desired URL's.

20.) Select "Add Trigger" and now you're complete! The triggers immediately go live, so if you're not ready then you can turn it off until you are.