Engagement Metrics Group

The Engagement Metrics group consists of three standard indicators related to actions that guests take with respect to the customer’s Wi-Fi landing page. These include the Landing Page Promotions Enrolled Indicator, the Average Rating Indicator, and the New Customer Profiles Collected Indicator.

One or more additional indicators (not shown above) may be present in this group if at least one customer location has configured and enabled a custom engagement activity such as app downloads or referrals to the registration page for a loyalty program.

All indicators in this group are affected by the settings of the Locations and Date Range devices. This group of metrics measures guest engagement activities, and therefore requires that guests interact with the location’s landing page to capture any data.

Landing Page Promotions Enrolled Indicator

Bloom Intelligence landing pages include an optional Promotions block. When enabled for a customer location, Promotions blocks offer an incentive to guests to receive something of value (E.G., discount coupon, premium, BOGO offer, etc.) in return for their contact information.

The Landing Page Promotions Enrolled indicator shows a count of the number of guests who have enrolled in the promotion.

Average Rating Indicator

Bloom Intelligence landing pages include an optional Rating block. When enabled for a customer location, Ratings present guests with a series of five stars. Guests may mouse over (or touch, on touchscreen devices) the stars to indicate a rating between zero and five stars, in half-star increments.

Ratings may also be solicited using the Rating messages functionality available in the Automated Marketing Suite.

The Average Rating indicator shows the average rating as well as the total number of ratings received through both the landing page and Rating messages, during the selected date range.

New Customer Profiles Collected

The Contacts Collected indicator displays the total number of new contacts collected during the selected period. Contacts may enter the system from four sources: portal logins, promotions, Facebook likes & shares, and ratings.