How do I add a new location to an account?

Please follow the next steps to add a location to an account.


1. Login to your dashboard

2. Click "Manage Locations" in the lower left-hand corner

3. Click "Add Location" in the upper right-hand corner

4. Select the desired account in the drop-down box in the "For Who" section.

5. Enter in the new locations name

6. Assign the router number you will be providing to the new client

7. Enter the address.

Note: please make sure that when entering an address that you select the appropriate address from the results that appear below the address window. Please do not just fill out all the fields on your own.

6. Once you select the appropriate address, the rest of the fields will auto-populate.

7. Click "Add Location" and then you will be redirected to the edit location page to get started on setting up the new clients splash page, SSID, etc.