How do I edit the available login avenues on my splash page?

On your splash page, you have the ability to add or remove how people will log into your WiFi. You can change these options at any time and as many times as you desire.

Follow the next steps to edit how your customers log-in to your WiFi:


1. Login to your Dashboard

2. Click "Locations" on the left-hand side

3. Click "Edit Information" for the location you wish to edit. 

4. Select the "Restrictions" tab.

5. Toggle on or off the avenues you want your customers to use in order to gain access to the WiFi

6. After you've made the desired changes, click "save" on the upper right-hand side.

Now take a look at your changes by clicking "view page" which is also on the upper right-hand side.

All the changes you made will now be seen by your customers!