How to add text to email or phone entry splash page.

You can add additional text to the email or phone entry splash page by using a little CSS. 

While it is recommended you provide specific explanations of what the user is opting into on the splash page and terms of service. It is also an option to place additional text on the data entry page after the user agrees to terms and clicks to connect. 


Here is an example:

To add this additional text you will need to navigate to "Edit Location" then "Settings"


Next you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the custom CSS section. Enter in the following text. 

#emailForm::after{ content: "By entering your e-mail address you are agreeing to our terms of service"; } #emailForm{ padding-bottom:15px ; }

Be sure to click the green save icon in the upper right hand corner, and you are all set!

*If adding content to the Phone form, use #phoneForm instead of #emailForm.