How to create Campaigns?

Creating Campaigns.

To create a new campaign, users must click the Add Campaign button in the top of the Campaign Listing page.

Next, follow these steps to begin the campaign creation sequence:

Add Campaign.

  1. Enter a campaign name.
  2. Click Continue.

Add Promotion.

  1. Enter a promotion name.
  2. Select either the Scheduled of Triggered promotions category, then continue as follows:

Scheduled Promotions.

Scheduled Promotions may be either one-time or repeating. To create a one-time promotion:

  1. Click the Date & Time field and select the date and time at which you would like the message to be sent.

To create a repeating promotion:

  1. Click the Repeating radio button.
  2. Click Occurrence Time and set the time of day that you wish the message to be sent.
  3. Select the Recurrence Pattern radio button that corresponds to the recurrence schedule (E.G., Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly) you would like.
  4. Complete configuring the recurrence pattern using the data entry devices that appear to the right of the Recurrence Pattern radio buttons.
  5. Set the Range of Recurrence either to coincide with the promotion period (configured in the next step) or by setting a number of recurrences.
  6. Click Continue.

Triggered Promotions.

There are several varieties of Triggered Promotions available. These allow users to send messages:

  • At Risk: When guests break their regular visit pattern
  • Milestone: When guests reach predetermined milestones
  • Loyalty Card: Every time guests return a set number of times
  • Rolling: Guests return X times in Y days
  • Anniversary: Guests reach the anniversary of their first visit
  • Birthday: A few days before each guest’s birthday
  • Upon Exit: After guests leave the location
  • Upon Registration: The first time guests register to use Wi-Fi
  • Rating: To request that a guest provide a rating for the location

These triggers are checked at difference time intervals. As a result, messages may not be sent at the time users expect them to be sent. A table describing the timing of each trigger type appears as appendix III.

To create a triggered promotion:

  1. Click the Triggered radio button.
  2. Click the radio button beside the type of trigger you wish to create.
  3. Configure the trigger using the data entry devices that appear beneath the trigger name and description.
  4. Click Continue.

Promotion Period.

  1. Set the Start Date for the promotion.
  2. If you want the promotion to end automatically on a certain date, enter the End Date. If an End Date is not specified, the promotion will continue until it is manually terminated.
  3. Click Continue.

Select Message.

  1. Select the message you wish to attach to the promotion. If no appropriate message is available in the Message Listing inventory, you may create one here using the Create message button.
  2. Click Continue.

Customer Segmentation.

  1. Select an additional segmentation option by clicking the radio button beside the option you wish to activate and adding requested parameters to any data entry devices that appear. (N.B., At the present time, only one option may be selected per promotion.)
  2. Click Continue.

Select Location.

  1. Use the location selection device to select any location(s) for which you wish the promotion to be available.
  2. Click Submit.

The newly-created campaign will now appear on the Campaign Listing page.