How to Export Data

  1. Go to and Login.
  2. Select “Locations”.
  3. Select the location of the router whose information you would like to export
  4. Select the “Access Log” Tab
  1. The social wifi data export is located in the top right of the center column, it is the furthest right icon of the five displayed in the area. The button will export only the information currently displayed on the page. So be sure to toggle to filters in order to refine the information displayed.Available Export Options Include: CSV, MS-Excel, TXT, SQL, XML, JSON

Expert Tip: If you would like to export or view all of the wifi-marketing information the Gazella has retained, toggle “Hide/Show Pagination”, then Select export and the type of file you would like to export it data as. The pagination button will be on the first (form the left) of the five icons displayed just above the access log data.