"Manage Locations & Locations" tabs

You will see locations under "Manage Locations" only if you create a user first by going in "Manage Accounts". This is a very important step to think about. So, here's what you should keep in mind:

1. If a single person or a department from your company is going to manage all 13 locations then, you can skip the "Manage Account" step and go directly to "Manage Location". The pros and cons of these actions are:

a. All locations will be under your primary dashboard.
b. You will be sharing 1 username and password.

a. Dashboard data will be aggregated.
b. You will be sharing 1 username and password with other staff.
c. All triggers for multiple locations are under one section. It is not separated per location.

2. If each branch will be managed by an individual person from that branch then, you need to create each user by going into "Manage Account" first then, creating location under that user.

a. Each location will be independent. Dashboard data is also independent.
b. A manager from each location will only be able to view their locations stats only.
c. Triggers for respective locations is only seen on the assigned account's dashboard


a. Different email and password for each account.
b. If you need to create triggers then, you have to log in to each individual location one at a time.
c. You will need to log in to each location to make changes if needed.