Router and Sensor Troubleshoot

Router Number location -For white routers: The router number is located on the QR Sticker situated on the bottom left part of the modem. Usually has 3-4 digits -For black routers: The router number is situated at the back of the modem. It typically starts with 2018 and another 7 digits follow (ex: 20181200367)  Basic Wifi Troubleshooting Steps: 1.) For white routers: Check if there is a green blinking light underneath the blue port and a bluish/purplish light in front of the router 2.) For Black Routers: Check if the 3rd light from the left (WAN light) is flickering. 3.) If no, make sure that the router is connected to a power source/plugged in 4.) If yes, reboot by unplugging the power cord and Ethernet cable. Wait for 15 seconds before plugging it back in. 5.) If it’s still offline, make sure that the Gazella router is connected to your existing router or connected with a switch then to the existing router. 6.) If it is now connected, try connecting on the wifi with the correct wifi name and you should be redirected to your splash page/welcome page. 7.) After signing in, you should now be able to access the internet or be redirected to your website. 8.) If it’s still offline or not working, call the Gazella support hotline or send an email.  Router Placement 1.) The approximate coverage of the Gazella router is: Outdoor Space: 300ft / 92m Indoor Space: 150ft / 46m   2.) If it is far from the guest area, you should either purchase a longer ethernet cable for the router to be transferred or a wifi repeater which could extend your network’s range.