Slow Internet Connection

If you are experiencing slow speeds on the Gazella network then please walk through the following steps.

First and foremost, make sure you are connected to the Gazella network.


  1. Close all open applications on the device you will be using to run speed test.
  2. Open one browser, go to and search “Internet speed test”.
  3. The first option you will see is from Measurement Lab (M-Lab).
  4. Sit close to the router.
  5. Run the speed test 3 times and note the average results.
  6. Sit in the furthest spot from the router.
  7. Run speed test 3 times and note the average results.
  8. What is the speed difference between the 2 testing locations?
  9. What is the speed you should be receiving from the ISP (Note: A wireless connection is not going to be as fast as a wired connection).
  10. If there is a big difference between the 2 locations then it may be attributed to any physical barriers between the furthest location and the router. (If there are quite a few barriers then please refer to our other article "Optimizing the Access Points Signal")
  11. If the Gazella router is currently hooked up to a switch that is connected to the router or modem then try directly connecting the Gazella router to the main modem/router.

If you are still experiencing issues after going through the steps then please submit a support ticket. Please include the results of your speed tests and what speed you should be receiving from your ISP. Lastly, please mention if there are any physical barriers between the router and your guests.