Steps to activate the new Wavlink router

  1. Connect the WAN port of Gazella access point (Black Port) to the LAN port of your customer's existing WiFi router
  2. Open the SSID/ WiFi Network List, then look for SSID,”WIFIGAP”.

3. Click on WiFIGAP SSID, it will redirect to a page where it will ask to enter the Serial Number, see image below.

4. Enter the last 5 digits of the router number. i.e., 00XXX

  1. You might have to wait a maximum of 5 minutes to register the access point, but most of the time within 2 minutes. It will redirect to the page below:

Note: If the router is assigned to the location prior to the steps mentioned above, then the customer will be redirected to their splash page, instead of “router unassigned. Please contact a support” or customer will be kicked out of WiFiGap. Their assigned SSID will pop-up.