What's the difference between Passersby and Visits?

Passerby: When the application senses a guest’s mobile device, that guest is initially classified as a passer-by. This will usually be the case when a guest mobile device comes near but not into the location, or when the guest mobile device enters the location but leaves in fewer than five minutes.

Visits: When a guest mobile device has been continuously present for a minimum of five minutes, their status in the application is changed to that of a visitor. An exception to this rule is made when someone who attends the location for fewer than five minutes logs on to the Wi-Fi network. In these cases, even though their visit is fewer than five minutes, they are classified as a visitor.

Note: The distinction between passers-by and visitors is important because, in all metrics except the Daily Traffic indicator, the data presented are concerned only with visitors and not with passers-by.

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