Why is "240+" bar category so high in Average Dwell Time?

For New Location:

After Bloom Intelligence is implemented at a new location, it is common for the bar graph to show a pronounced uptick in the highest category; “240+”. This is due to managers, employees, and house Wi-Fi devices such as POS and other systems that never leave the location. Bloom Intelligence utilizes machine learning to identify devices that are consistently outside of the visit parameters considered normal for each location’s guests, and automatically removes these from the data. Additionally, please make sure that the employees and staff log in to the staff SSID to ensure that the data is not distorted.

For ExistingLocation:

Please make sure that the staff and employees are not connecting to the guest SSID. Instead, they should be connecting to the staff SSID.

Note: If you do not know the password for your staff SSID, then please email support@bloomintelligence.com